Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Joys of parenthood.

Well, today been a rather mundane day as usaul, the sun has been shining though so that has made me do the washing - just as well really, running out of clean clothes.
Tomorrow will be another day though, and what a day. My son had decided to join the Shakespear club at school, what he didn't tell me though was the show isn't going to finish until 10 tomorrow night, then it is about an hour drive home, so a late one there. Sure the boss won't mind me being half asleep friday.
I was extremely brave today and went into my sons bedroom to collect washing. He is nearly 13 and you can only begin to imagine the mess his room is. Found about 2 loads of washing in there. Of course he would say they aren't dirty.
Suppose I had better carry on with duties of the unpaid slave that I am and do some dinner, hope to do some stitching tonight as I am nearly finished Frederick the Literate which has taken forever to stitch.
Off to a stitching show on saturday, looking forward to that. The bank manager won't be as pleased though.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Decided to do a blog as lots of other people share their news on blogs which can be very entertaining.
Today has been the usual kind of day for me, except it started with an almighty crash from the kitchen where my son was trying to find out of date tins to take into school for the harvest festival. How many times do you have to tell them you can't do this. Hubby was meant to fix the shelf ages ago, but elected to prop it up with two tins of custard instead, both of which said son had decided to look at for dates. The result - couscous and rice across the floor and a very sorry looking son sat in the middle of all the mess. No real harm done, just don't appreciate having to hoover the floor before 7 in the morning, as I suppose the neighbours didn't appreciate anything. One good thing to come out of it though, hubby decided to fix the shelf!!!
Had to have the cat put to sleep on saturday, so decided this evening to phone the vets and pay the bill instead of waiting for it to come through. Big mistake. The vets had actually put it onto the mother in laws address, so she would have got the bill and as she is not too good with the memory department would probably have paid it even though she has never owned a cat. Oh well, paid now.
Plans for tonight - if I was being good I would sort out the n.i. and tax to pay tomorrow and do the ironing. BUT, will probably sit down and do stitching instead.